Ward 2 Town Hall Meeting Regarding Dufferin Park

Ward 2 Councillors John Sless and John Utley held a special Town Hall meeting Tuesday, October 9 at the TB Costain Community Centre to discuss the design and construction of Dufferin Park. Thanks to all the members who came out to support the club and all the great ideas and feedback from members and neighbours for what the new Dufferin Park could look like.

A copy of the minutes is available on the City of Brantford website and can be accessed directly by clicking here.  If anyone has any further comments, please reach out to Ward 2 Councillors John Sless and/or John Utley; their contact information can be found here.  Conversely, you can also send feedback to Julia Sippel at

Open Singles Tournament Results

Lawn Bowling hosted an OLBA Open Singles Tournament on Saturday, September 8. It was a cloudy, breezy day. Good weather for bowling! There were 12 contestants, including five from outside clubs, who participated in 3x8 end games. The tournament was sponsored by: McLeister Funeral Home, Ingham Monuments and Tranquility Retirement Residence and Apartments, who provided sandwiches for lunch. The winners were:

1. Yvette Vanderpost, Simcoe - 3 wins (32 points)
2. Suzie Palmer, Oshawa - 2 wins (31 points)
3. Malcolm Whyte, Dufferin - 2 wins (29+1points)
4. Everett Zwiers, Lambeth - 2 wins (28+3 points)

Olive Martin, Dufferin had a one game high of 15 points finishing with a total of 25 points. Andrew Brightman, Simcoe had the second highest one game win of 11 points finishing with a total of 20 points.

Congratulations to Jeanette McColl winner of the 50/50 draw. Thanks to Jim Thomson and Karen Jackson for setting the greens; Eleanor Thomson and Jeanette McColl in the kitchen; Diane Pope and Jim Thomson on the draw table and Jeanette McColl, Robert McVittie, Evelyn Munro, Jim Munro, Gloria Ridler and Jack Taylor, the jack setters.

Malcolm WhyteLawn Bowling Member headed to Potters!

Congratulations to club member Malcolm Whyte (pictured right) on winning the Professional Bowls Association qualifier September 1 to go to the World Singles Lawn Bowling Championships at the Potters Leisure Resort in England in January.

Malcolm will be playing in Lawn Bowling's Open Singles event on Saturday, September 8. Enter the tournament or come and watch a pro in action!

The tournament is sponsored by Ingham Monuments, McCleister Funeral Home and Chartwell Tranquility Place Retirement Home and Apartments. There will be soup and sandwiches for lunch. Cost is $20 per person.

Eagle Place Seniors Mixed Pairs Tournament Results

Dufferin Lawn Bowling held its’ first ever evening tournament Friday, August 31. There were six teams entered, including teams from Preston and Simcoe, and many club members dropped by to offer encouragement. It was a chance to try something different and encourage less experienced club
bowlers to play in a tournament. It was a success as everyone enjoyed themselves. The tournament was sponsored by Eagle Place Seniors, and the club is grateful for their long time support of lawn bowling in Brantford. The winning Mixed Pairs were:

1. Karen Jackson and Dave Ancil, Dufferin – 3 wins (32 points)
2. Lorne and Lena Skeard, Preston – 2 wins (30 points)
3. Eleanor Thomson and Jeanette McColl, Dufferin – 2 wins (19 points)

Yvette Vanderpost and Marie Sutton, Simcoe/Dufferin had a one game high of 22 points.

Congratulations to Eleanor Thomson who won the 50/50 draw. Thank you to Karen Jackson and Jim Thomson for setting up the green; Jim Thomson and Diane Pope for the draw table; Karen Jackson, Jim Thomson and Diane Pope in the kitchen, and to Eleanor Thomson for helping set up and clean up as well.

Snider Tournament Results

It was a pleasant afternoon as Dufferin hosted the in-club Snider Tournament Sunday, August 26. This was the last tournament to be sponsored by Betty Snider in memory of her husband Don, both long time members of the Club.

There were six teams entered. Winners were:
1. Karen Jackson and Dave Ancil - 3 wins (29+1 points)
2. Eleanor Thomson and Jeanette McColl - 2 wins (25 points)
3. Pat Faith and Lou Varga - 2 wins (23 points)

Bill Taylor and Olive Martin had a one game high of 18 points.

Thanks to Jim Thomson for setting up the green; Diane Pope and Jim Thomson for the draw table; Diane Pope and Karen Jackson in the kitchen.

Pinafore Tennis and Pickleball Courts in St. ThomasDufferin Site Plan

Parks and Recreation will be starting discussions regarding the site plan for Dufferin Park shortly.  The discussions will include Parks Board employees, an outside consulting firm, neighbours, the board and club members.  

The executive of the Dufferin Club has discussed the proposal we would like to bring forward to the city. We offer them to club members for your consideration and comment, though individuals are free to make their own submissions during the public consultation phase, which will begin in the fall.

This proposal mentions several features but the most important is the reconstruction of the tennis courts and addition of pickleball courts. Whether the work involved would all be done at the same time or in stages would be another issue for discussion. The photo above is an example of what the facility could look like. It is actually a photo of the Pinafore Park Tennis and Pickleball Courts recently built in St. Thomas. To see more photos of the facility, click here.

The board would like to propose:

  • Lawn bowling move from this site to the Northridge Golf Course, where there is a clubhouse with a bar, large parking lot and space for a green, with extra space for another green if needed later.  At that site it would be possible to spray for weeds, unlike our current site. The request is for one regulation green (120 feet square), sun shelters near the green and easy accessibility to the clubhouse and parking lot. Lights and benches would be required. Connection with a golf course has had a positive effect on bowling clubs at other locations.
  • The clubhouse would be demolished and another clubhouse built central to all the courts (and greens if bowling stays). This new construction would feature one floor at ground level with washrooms, a small locker area, a meeting room, small office, kitchenette area with outside access, a porch or viewing area where people could sit and watch play, and storage areas outside for equipment which are accessible to players.
  • Eight tennis courts and eight designated pickleball courts with a hard surface, surrounded by ten foot fencing with permanent ten foot wind screens. Lights would have cement poles with LED lights.  Some shade would be needed: possibly trees, sun shades, awnings, or a combination. Orientation of the courts in regard to sunlight should be carefully examined. The courts should be spaced further apart than they are now, possibly with sun shelters and benches in between the courts. The location of the tennis courts might be about where they are now, but the pickleball courts should be built away from the houses because of the noise.
  • A sign at the front of the property with removable letters would be useful. The facility would need gates, but these could be equipped with keypad locks so they are accessible to members at all times.
  • The children's play area should be expanded, possibly with a splash pad, and located more visibly closer to the street – especially if the greens are taken out.
  • The baseball diamond should be moved elsewhere since it creates an inappropriate mix with the rest of the park and leads to a large amount of traffic with wear and tear on the driveway and parking lot.
  • A paved driveway and parking lot, possibly with speed bumps.
  • Consideration should be given to leave some space, probably at the back of the property, for a possible structure for all-year indoor tennis in the future.

Comments, suggestions?  We would love to hear from you.  You may send us an email or speak to any of the club's board members.

Honda Civic Women's and Mixed Pairs Tournament Results

Jan McLean rolls the bowl

A Women and Mixed Pairs OLBA Tournament sponsored by Brantford Honda was played on the Civic Holiday Monday, August 6.  Teams struggled in the heat and the third game was shortened by thunderstorms, but the greens were in good condition for bowling.

The winners were:
1.  Tilly Mannen/Leslie Durham McPhee, St. George (2 wins, 25 points)
2.  Matt Kolenc/Wendy English, Simcoe (2 wins, 23 points)
3.  Dave McKie/Yvette Vanderpost, Woodstock/Simcoe (2 wins, 22 points)
*   One Game High – George Depaepe/Darlene Hutley, Simcoe (19 points)

Thank you to Jim Thomson and Karen Jackson for setting up the greens, Jim Thomson and Diane Pope for the draw table and Marie Sutton, Eleanor Thomson and Maria Timmons in the kitchen.  Congratulations to our very own Eleanor Thomson who won the 50/50.

Click here to view the entire photo album.  There are also a couple of videos posted on our Facebook page too!

Wednesday League Bowling Results for June

Congratulations to Merv Sheppard and Elenor Thomson for being the top male and female, respectively, in league bowling for June. Here are all the combined results for May 30, June 6 and June 20 (Karen was away June 13). The first number is your win/loss point total and the second number is your number of wins.

1. Merv 50+3 2. Eleanor 37+3 3. Gloria 32+2 4. Robert 38+3 5. Jim 30+2
6. Frank 33+3
7. Ed 27+2
8. Mike 33+4 9. Lou 37+3 10. Roy 18+2
11. Pat 21+1
12. Liz S 13+1
13. Art 15+1 14. Mary B 9
15. Liz V 9
16. Marilyn 9
17. Diane 16+2
18. Dave 14+1 19. Joan J 15+1 20. Maria T 13+1
21. Marie 10+1


Welcome Teodora!Teodora

The Dufferin Club is very pleased to announce Teodora "Dora" Stefanovic as our new head tennis pro!  

Teodora is a former Top 10 Under 16 and Under 18 National Player in her home country of Serbia.  She has experience playing on the International Tennis Federation Pro and Future Circuits and just completed her Bachelor of Marketing at the Ferris State University in Big Rapids, Michigan where she was an accomplished tennis player in both singles and doubles.    

Teodora was previously a former tennis professional at the Ferris State University Racquet Facility and the John Newcombe Tennis Academy in Texas, where she assisted with the development of tennis programs, supervised practice sessions and provided private and group sessions.

Teodora will be developing and delivering programming for Dufferin's summer tennis camps in July and August. For more information, or to register online for the camps, please click here. Furthermore, she will be developing some new and exciting programs for players of all ages and skill levels at the club (stay tuned for more information).

Teodora will also be available for private and group lessons. Please contact Teodora directly at 519-802-7271 or for more information.

Dufferin Club Opening Bowl

Thanks to everyone who came out on Saturday to help weed the lawn bowling green. The hard working group managed to finish weeding the entire north green! The city will be slit seeding the green in the next few days and the green will be cut later this week in preparation for Lawn Bowling's Opening Bowl.

Lawn Bowling officially gets underway Monday, May 21 with an Opening Bowl and Potluck starting at 2 pm. Please arrive 15 minutes early to say hello. For more information, please call Karen at 519-756-6494.

Weekly lawn bowling activities will commence Wednesday, May 23 with League Play at 7 pm. Please arrive 15 minutes early; there will be a draw for teams and two eight end games will be played. Fridays at 7 pm, starting May 25, is a Social Game with one eight end game followed by a social and snacks. Mondays at 7 pm, starting May 28, is a good night to get your draw weight with 4-3-2-1 Mixed Bowling.

Help Get the Bowls Rolling

The tennis and pickleball activities are in full swing now, but the lawn bowlers have yet to roll their first bowl. Before the Parks and Recreation Department will actually do any work on the green with machinery, it needs to be weeded and small rocks thrown on from the driveway need to be removed.  The club is situated in a public park in a residential neighbourhood and thus spraying chemicals on the greens is not permitted, therefore the green needs to be weeded by hand. 

In order to get the green up and operational as soon as possible, the club is seeking volunteers to come out Saturday, May 12 (and Sunday, May 13 if required) starting at 11 am to help weed and pick up rocks from the north green. Bring some gardening gloves (optional), a dandelion picker or sharp knife and a pail to put the weeds/stones in. Refreshments will be provided.

Dufferin Club in Full Swing

Open House 2018

Thanks to everyone for swinging by the Open House on Saturday, April 28. Despite the cool, cloudy conditions, there was a steady stream of eager tennis and lawn bowlers players stopping in to say hello. A few special guests, including MPP Dave Levac, Mayor Chris Friel and Ward Councillor John Sless (pictured above with several Dufferin Club board members) also stopped by to congratulate the club on our opening.

The courts will be ready and open for play Monday, April 30 with weekly drop-in tennis and pickleball programs commencing in the evening. All programs are free with your membership - just show up 10 minutes early to participate.

Stay tuned for more information on lawn bowling and the junior summer camp program.

Open HouseWelcome to the 2018 Season!

Forget all the winter's sufferin
The nets will be up at Dufferin
And the greens are so green
For those that are keen
For some huffin and some puffin ... so
Stop all your bluffin
And start reachin for the bufferin

Poetry aside, welcome to the Dufferin Club for 2018. The season officially kicks off Saturday, April 28 with an Open House from 10 am to 2 pm. Information regarding memberships and club activities will be provided and registrations will be accepted. Light refreshments will also be served up. Everyone is welcome and play for free.

This season we have revised our membership fees which are now geared to creating a new "less exclusive" club. Our club will also now be shared with all the residents of Brantford with the aim of growing tennis and lawn bowls in the city. We hope with your support we will be successful in making our club one of the best sports bargains around!

City to Upgrade Dufferin Club!

During the Estimates Committee on Wednesday, December 6, Brantford City Council voted in favour of a plan that will keep the Dufferin Club at its St. Paul Avenue home and upgrade the tennis and lawn bowling facilities to current tournament standards. The site design process will start in the spring for 2018 and involve consultation with the club, neighbours and the public. Rebuilding of the park will be done in stages, starting with the construction of new tennis courts! You can read more about the story here.

Thank you to our members, the community including our neighbours and the Holmedale Neighbourhood Association, and city council for all your support. Special thanks to the Ward Councillors John Sless and John Utley and to Brian Hughes, Director of Parks Services for all their support and assistance during this process.


Upcoming Events

  • Annual General Meeting
    Thursday, Nov 22 @ 7 pm

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